The 3 unexpected life events that leave us in debt

From Your Computer, To Your Life

By Azleen Abdul Rahim

Many years ago when AirAsia came into the picture and into our life, nobody seems to bother about their huge potential. They’re seen as a crazy brand trying to revolutionise the way people buying the airline tickets and eventually travel by airplane. After 15 years in existence, they are now a benchmark to many copycats.

Before, travelling was indeed a luxury I need to carefully plan. And normally, the plan will involve a big calculator next to me. It doesn’t matter if I want to go to Kota Kinabalu for a family holiday, or even a business trip within the region with my partner, the costs are really a pain in the ass. Not only that, I need to physically go or get someone to go to the travel agency where I purchase the tickets to collect them. This is how the good ‘ol manual days worked before the ‘online revolution’ come into the life and change the whole thing. Enter AirAsia in 2001, things began to change for the better. And simpler.

AirAsia really believes in affordability, self-service and online as critical factors that will shake the future. Thus, they tailor-made their business model towards these factors, and despite some difficulty during the early days they managed to pull it through. Now, not only you but everybody can fly due to the prices affordability and purchase them just via online.

Great brands believe that people’s mindset can be tuned. They believe that the consumers do not actually know what they want, until they see it. Apple, Netflix, Priceline, Ryanair, Tesla and AirAsia are among those brands. Now, there is a new brand in town that is having a similar symptom and craziness, ready to disrupt an industry to the next level – UforLife.

UforLife, is a life insurance outfit of a global insurance giant Tokio Marine. Being associating with UforLife made me realise that I can’t afford not to join them in their mission to revolutionise the insurance industry. I want to be part of their exciting adventure. It’s not only for the sake of personal adrenaline, but it is more towards an opportunity to be part of a history. A history to be part of a company that is going to be benchmarked by the entire industry in a few years down the road.

Imagine, instead of spending an obnoxious amount that make you feel sad each month seeing your hard earned money passing by, now you can just set aside merely a few ringgit per month and get yourself and your family insured. The amount is so irrelevant, it doesn’t even trigger any emotional affect on you. That is how easier and affordable now to get yourself and your love ones insured. And that is the value UforLife is bringing to the table for everyone. To make it a no brainer and easier to purchase, insurance will no longer be a taboo topics anymore. To purchase it, simply do it with your smartphone, tablet or even a laptop. Yes, UforLife simplifies how the form is structured too. Simply answer the list of easy questions, key-in certain personal particulars and voila! You are now covered with a life insurance. No agent whatsoever involved.

The huge gap people are experiencing with insurance is now largely filled with UforLife’s simple and affordable online offering. Just like buying an airplane ticket, from your computer now it will be part of your life. And no big calculator needed for this too.

Believing in what they are believing in, last week I formalised a collaboration with them, to help build their online presence nationwide. Being part of Tokio Marine, I doubt UforLife needs further introduction to the market. Value proposition it brings to the table alone is more than enough to make the brand stand out.

For people like us, all we have to do is to do our love ones a big favour, think of them by showing the love. Lip service no longer works.